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The Ecstasies of Progress | Electro-Acoustic Works #1

This is an album of electronic music, taking its name from one of the tracks, which happens to have the artist statement below. Hah, yeah, I was a lot younger when I wrote this, it’s dripping with younger self! Google Drive truly does archive everything I’ve ever written….

Ecstasies of Progress is a kind of anthem and homage to that concept which has yet to go away no matter how often it is criticized and rethought. “Progress” is indeed much more than a concept (since it gives birth to all that is modern, or recognizably us, in concepts).

This work has three major sections, which could be described as:

  1. Aggression: Progress disrupts all that comes before it, recklessly re-patterning the old orders, irrespective of the delicateness of our feelings and the inertia of our habits.
  2. Whirligig: We are voyeurs of technology’s omnipotent pagan elegance, its cosmic gizmo profanities which promise an endless rebirth of new conundrums.
  3. Jet Stream: Progress is a shopping cart without brakes careening down Mt. Olympus, re-orienting the universe so that everything is either in its wake, or madly running away from its wild grin.

As this is a work of computer music, the work’s title is a thank you card from the future, as well as an invocation of origins. Humans invented progress, but progress has its own way with us. Like the consumption gods.



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