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All My Blogs on Medium

Michael Filimowicz, PhD
2 min readDec 19, 2023


In this post I list all the blogs I have on Medium, since my work spans different domains. Generally my work is in digital media arts, but I also ride my bike a lot and focus on low carb vegan cuisine and so blog about those things, too!

Tall Men’s Fashion

Style ideas for all men, but since I’m 6'4", that’s my style reference point :~)

Sound & Design

Tutorials and articles related to electronic music and visual culture

AI Filmmaking

The Art, Ideas & Techniques of Making AI Videos

Muse & Fuse

This is where I republish my creative writing.

Modular Synthesis

Articles & Tutorials on Modular Synthesis & VCV Rack

Digital, Virtual and AI Photography

Articles and Tutorials on 2D Digital Images

Understanding Games

Articles from my book, Understanding Games: How Video Games and Board Games Work

Narrative and New Media

Articles from my book, Designing Games and Interactive Stories

AI & I

AI art gallery of 2D images.

Virtual Photography

2D digital art galley of images produced in TwinMotion, an archeviz tool based on Unreal Engine.

Video Pixel Art

2D digital art gallery of images produced from my VJ loops.

Higher Neurons

Misc Essays

Cycle Sage

All Things Bicycle, from Vancouver to EuroVelo & Beyond

Low Carb Vegan Lab

Recipes & Articles for a Low Carb Plant-Based Diet

Low Carb Vegan

Photos and quotes from my cookbook, Low Carb Vegan Cooking

Front End Web Development Tutorials

Open sourced articles from my Mike Ludo books on front end web development and design


Research and creation activities around my audiovisual colocation display technology.

Myk Eff

An anti-diary

AI Haiku

AI-generated haikus