Open call for book chapters for Vols 6–10 of the new Routledge short form book series, Algorithms and Society. Each volume, based on Routledge’s Focus format, will have 4–5 chapters. The volumes planned for 2022 are:

  • Algorithmic Ethics
  • Decolonizing Data
  • China’s Digital Civilization
  • Information Disorder
  • AI and the Future of…
the cocktail party effect

Gestalt Parallels

Auditory scene analysis can be thought of as gestalt psychology in the auditory, rather than visual, realm. You may recall from graphic design or UX theory the set of Gestalt principles, such as the ‘laws’ of Proximity, Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Common fate, Figure/Ground, Symmetry, Order, etc. …

Myk Eff

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