MF: Congratulations on your new book, Composing Audiovisually Perspectives on audiovisual practices and relationships. Could you give the ‘nutshell’ summary of what it’s about, just as a fast introduction for readers?

LH: The book is about what it means to compose in the audiovisual realm — so how do we approach composing when thinking about both sound and image simultaneously? How do we develop a language around that process? How do we teach it? …

Fast Cyan from VJ Loop Zone

Tools, Typologies and Techniques| Part 1

The VJ Loop in Media Discourse

While admittedly the topic of VJ loops themselves — the short video clips label-arrayed in databases for live projection and performance — is a fairly niche topic, I did not realize at the start of this investigation just how extremely niche it might be! To be clear, the focus of this article is on the VJ loop itself — not VJ/DJ culture in general, or the sociology of music clubs and festivals, or the design of interactive media systems. Those are vastly larger topics and would require much lengthier treatments. …

Myk Eff

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